Mouth Hole


Mouth Hole is a highly experimental, all vocal project. Once you get over the initial shock some pretty cool stuff evolves. Hope you enjoy. Click below to listen…


      Hush Kitty

      Beebop in Flux

      Jet Bling

      My Monkey

You and I Forever – 
Written for my sweet Merry…

Review by Zeke Berkley:

Gray Goes Guttural, Pretty Primal

In an unusual yet oddly refreshing left turn, Ventura songwriting veteran Robert Gray has released a new series of songs strikingly different than the previous fare you’d find in his particularly vast back catalogue. The prolific melodeon is generally known for soaring solos and melodies to match, the lyrical content riddled with themes of love, beautiful weather, patriotic appreciation, and riding his motorcycle up and down the California Gold Coast.

In what I’m calling a wild card record of 2015, Mouth Hole stuns with a departure from conventionality and takes you on a journey that plops you not on PCH, but rather into a sacred cave, seemingly old as time itself.

Rather than the chorused guitars of yore, you’re treated to guttural sounds and chants delivered exclusively by Gray’s mouth. Yes. His mouth.

The sounds, while jarring at first, are bizarre and interesting as anything you’ve heard. Gray makes a distinct point to emphasize excellent counterpoint techniques and is successful in conveying the emotion he’s usually known for…sans any lyrics; no easy feat.

What’s probably most unique and interesting about this collection of songs is that each track is a single recorded take. No overdubs. Period. This provides a spontaneity that shines through brilliantly and shows his range and ability to improvise musically.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, look no further than Mouth Hole. While you may struggle initially, the reward for sticking with it is a varied tapestry of sounds that evoke emotions immortal.”