Robert Gray

I’ve created this website to share my songs and music with the world. I’ve been doing this a very long time. As a not-quite 16 year old, I was struggling on the streets of Hollywood looking for my break. I was told since I was child that I’d go far with my abilites, but music didn’t pay the bills. It’s a common story for so many talented musicians. I went on to form a Design Firm and Advertising Agency, Graymatter. That was 35 years ago, and now the company has changed in many ways, including the name: “Channel Islands Design“, CID. It’s a family affair with my wife Merry managing the work flow, my son Alex as web designer and code genius (when he’s not out touring the world with his music), myself doing everything from photography and video shoots to the everyday design tasks, both for web and print.

I also paint fine art, but that’s another story.

My music has never faltered. I’ve been writing songs since I was very young, and the process just continues as the years go by. Here you’ll be able to hear some of my stuff and get some for yourself if you enjoy it enough.

Good cheer to you and yours. Health and happiness to all.

– Robert Gray